New Checkout Study: The On-demand Shopper

Culture tends to be cyclical and reactionary, yet every once in a while, a disruption comes along that is so gigantic thatit shifts society forward into an entirely new era. Less than a decade ago, we could easily trace the pathways of ourshoppers; it was a very linear process. Of course, today, that’s no longer the case. The digital age has reshaped andreimagined shoppers’, and retailers’, expectations and experiences. We’re now surrounded by a constellation of new devices, information, and services that are sparkingdifferent behaviors and resulting in a brand-new type of shopper, the on-demand shopper.

In this edition of The Checkout, we’ll explore the triggers brands and retailers need to implement in order to reach this new, on-demand shopper.For example, did you know that 41% of respondents now lookfor discounts/promotionson theirmobile deviceswhileshopping in a physical store? Or, that 28% of respondents find access to various social platforms and the ability to use “buy now”buttonsasone of the most compelling reasons for shopping online?

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