New Checkout Study: Channel Insights

When it comes to understanding why shoppers do things, it is often difficult to get the real truth as shoppers are known to say one thing and do another. They can’t always articulate the “why” behind the behavior, especially when it comes to some of their decisions, behaviors, and habits. The retail landscape is ever evolving and, as it changes, shoppers’ habits change with it. Their shopping lists can include everything from snacks to household goods to alcohol, and they have priorities in how they like to shop, where they like to shop, and how much they are willing to spend.

How does this behavior vary across top retail channels? How do shoppers make decisions when it comes to where they go and what they buy there? And why? This study of the Checkout set out to explore questions like these and find out some answers to better understand shopper behavior across channels. For example, did you know that 14% of shoppers have chosen a retail channel because there was a retailer loyalty program offered? Or that 31.4% of shoppers visit the dollar channel when it’s a last minute trip?

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