New Checkout Study: Back-to-School Habits and Practices

Every year, back-to-school (BTS) seems to be the same old routine but at the same time it also seems so very different. This issue of The Checkout examines the recurring themes and nuances of the BTS shopping season.

The study defines price to be the season’s table stakes. Price is not only a recurring table stake for the season but it is a desire and focus that has molded many retailer and shopper behaviors. But that does not mean that all shoppers are the same nor that price is the way to win–it is just the cost of entry.

The study also outlines the nuances of how men and women shop and the impact of kids on shopping decisions. Did you know that men are more likely to shop earlier than women for BTS? Or that younger students have a greater influence on shoppers than older students?

Learn this and more by clicking here to download the BTS edition of The Checkout–or click here to explore past issues of The Checkout.