Red, White and True-Blue.

Neo-Patriotism is increasing with a Be American, Buy American focus. While many in the U.S. still feel the frustration of an economy out-of-whack, many are also feeling more connected to their communities. This has locals realizing that while they may not be able to fix everything in Washington, they can begin to fix things in their own backyards. And this is fueling a new feeling of hope.

It’s important to note that this growing optimism is grassroots-based – it’s grow-your-own or “share the wealth” produce, or a more neighborly way to sell the idea of American-made goods. So what does this mean for your product or service? Every little bit helps, and starting small feels more possible for shoppers who are paring back. Click here to read more on the July edition of the Integer Pulse from our Midwest office.