NBC embracing digital on multiple fronts

In recent months it has become clear that large
traditional media companies are embracing digital in new and creative ways.

NBC, for example, has popped up a couple times in the press, or
we’ve observed through regular viewing, as taking advantage of new ways to engage young

This Mediapost story covers how NBC is using Mediaport Kiosks, an ATM style machine
that allows
users to download music, to feature content around their news and late night
line ups. Mediaport allows customers to
create custom compilations which can be burned to CDs or downloaded to various
digital devices.

“The partnership is an ideal way for
us to reach digital-savvy 18- to-28-year-olds,” said Frank Radice, an
executive with the NBC Agency. “Media kiosks have a promising future and
present an exciting new channel for us to reach and influence these target

Further demonstrating their commitment to
things digital, during the premieres of their Monday line up
(Chuck, Heroes and Journeyman), they encouraged viewers to go online and chat
live with the shows producers, directors, etc… Co-media usage, which used to be
feared in TVLand as it implied a less engaged audience, is now being
capitalized on to provide a richer brand experience to viewers.

Add in their use of Twitter to
promote their new series Chuck
, and
it is clear that rather than viewing the digital world as a threat to their viewing audience, they are using these new channels to better distribute their brands and engage audiences.