Myth or Truth? Don’t Grocery Shop on an Empty Stomach

With the proliferate amount of weight loss advice circulating in the media today it can be confusing for shoppers to know what to believe. “Don’t skip meals!”, “Hunger may actually be thirst!”, “Don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach!” — we often hear these age-old pieces of advice, but are any of them actually true?

Two researchers at Cornell University decided to put the old adage “don’t grocery shop on an empty stomach” to the test. They wanted to know, is it actually detrimental to those looking to cut calories and loose weight?

They conducted a study with two different shopper groups, one group had not eaten for five hours and the other group ate a snack right before grocery shopping. They found that both groups bought a comparable quantity of groceries, however those who shopped while hungry did indeed pick more high-calorie foods. This helps explain the compulsion we often have around the checkout section of the store. At the end of our shopping trip we are at our weakest (tired and hungry) and have one more chance to reach for a calorie dense, pick-me-up snack such as candy or soda. Even if you have a shopping list to help keep your trip on task, chances are you will deviate from it to satisfy your rumbling stomach.

Article Source: New York Times

Photo Source: ABC News