As marketers, we’re no longer faced with simple segmentation. Today, the mass market has not only shattered into different demographics and psychographics, but the individuals within the segments have fragmented as shoppers. In other words, that gatekeeper that you’re trying to reach —mom— has multiple personalities that are sometimes contradictory and at odds with one another.

A white paper created by E.B. Lane and researched by Sense Truth entitled “Middle Class Moms and the Recession” explores the fundamental shift of how moms think and feel as a result of the recession. The findings are summed up in these five personalities:

  • Family-self:The most rewarding of all facets is her role of being a mother.
  • Work-self:Her feelings toward work vary from frustration to fulfillment depending on her level of financial responsibility.
  • Social-self:This is the first part of a mom’s life that is neglected and sacrificed when time and money are limited.
  • Public-self:This aspect of mom causes her to be self-conscious and aware of what other people think of her.
  • Material-self:The recession is causing all moms to evaluate and reset their values of needs versus wants.

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