More Than Just Deals: A Black Friday Retrospective

Shoppers have come to expect amazing deals on Black Friday. They are overloaded with door busters, percent-off signs, and promises of once-in-a-lifetime savings the Friday after Thanksgiving. It has all become a blur as few retailers have deals that stand out from the rest of the price-cutting holiday crowd.

Having had a few days to recover from the chaos of Black Friday, I looked back to see what stood out to draw the attention of shoppers last week beyond price cuts. My favorite example of creative Black Friday thinking came from the always-interesting folks at Cards Against Humanity. Through emails and social media, they promoted a new product they sold for Black Friday only, authentic bull poop.

The Cards Against Humanity website made it very clear that they were selling actual BS for $6 a box and that there would be no returns or refunds once purchased. They sold out, moving over 30,000 boxes of it!

Click here to see a picture of the product. Warning, it contains BS level language and humor.

Apple also bucked the trend of simply cutting pricing by doing a major charity push for (RED) Global Fund to Fight AIDS. Instead of simply cutting prices, shoppers were rewarded with (RED) branded gift cards and a portion of all sales was given to the non-profit. The Apple App Store even worked with developers to turn the top 25 purchased apps “red” for two weeks, indicating sales from these specific apps also supported the (RED) initiative.

As Black Friday becomes a giant month-long November sale, it is nice to see brands approach Black Friday from a fresh perspective. Any other favorite Black Friday approaches that did more than slash prices?

Photo Source: Target and MacStories