Mobile Coupons Served Up To Suit The Shopper

Mobile today seems to be where social media was 5 years ago in that if you aren’t doing it, you’re “way behind” but in reality, it’s still maturing and evolving. It seems as though there are new habits, features and functions popping up everyday. Some driven by users and others driven by brands. Though mobile experiences are popping up, using mobile to push rewards and coupons is still a huge play for marketers.

Just recently, Krispie Kreme went mobile launching the Krispie Kreme Rewards mobile app to deliver information and savings to loyal customers. They also made a scannable bar code out of delicious drizzling glaze that shoppers can snap (via YouTube) to receive a BOGO coupon valid on 12/12 – simply tasty! This type of app and program seems to suit the needs of the Krispie Kreme shopper, allowing them to be in the know of doughnut making, crush their craving where ever they are, and get incentivized to keep up the habit.But apps are not ideal for all brands.

Others are looking to beacons to connect with shoppers in a more contextual (and ideally more large scale)way. A new study by Juniper Research indicates that brands and retailers are forecasted to deliver 1.6 billion coupons a year through beacons by 2020.But not all beacons are created equal. With advancements in iBeacons, audio beacons like LISNR, and many other technologies, we will start to see marketers playing with new ways to deliver information and coupons to shoppers while being respectful of shoppers’ “mobile space.”

Marketers are beginning to discover the fine balance between pushing too much and just enough information through push notifications as well as the pros and cons of app-based beacons. While it can be advantageous to push information to shoppers whenever they encounter your brand, you can run the risk of alienating shoppers. On the flip side, if you reach out too infrequently, you run the risk of not standing out. It is only through more trial that brands will be able to understand how shoppers react and the right use of mobile and beacons for their specific offering.

While mobile allows marketers to find the best way to deliver coupons, we must be wary to not let mobile become just another offer vehicle. It can be a powerful engagement and content tool for shoppers. It will be interesting to see what happens as mobile continues to evolve.

Photo Source: Krispie Kreme YouTube