Missed Connections Between Shoppers and Grocers on the Social Web

It’s no surprise that coupons and deals are a big reason for shoppers to follow their supermarket on the social web. In fact, it is the number one reason according to a recent study, Untangling The Social Web Part 8—a study on social media’s impact on grocery shopping.

While more and more shoppers that follow their grocer are exploring other benefits including finding out about events, recipes, news and even customer service, there are many that have not even tapped into this connection with their grocer. In fact, the study found that32 percent of Facebook users, 72 percent of Twitter users, and 79 percent ofPinterest users do not follow their primary grocer on the social web, with top reasons being that it simply “never occurred to them” or that they find that information elsewhere.

How can grocers connect with these shoppers and support these connection with more than coupons? Afterall, shoppers can find those in many places, what can they get from connecting online?