Mental Wealth

Mental Health is under the spotlight now more than ever. In the UK 25% of the population will experience a mental health problem at least once a year, and in 2019 the Department of Health and Social Care spent £12.2 billion on the country’s mental health.

In order to encourage customers to look after their mental health as much they do their physical, David Lloyd Clubs have opened a pop-up restaurant that helps improve mental wellbeing. “The Good Plates” offers a menu packed-full of mood-boosting foods and has created an environment of harmony and mindfulness through unique décor. Brand attention to mental health is showing up in other unique ways too. The KLMood Booster, is a vending machine that dispenses caramel waffles, massages and complimentary return flights with the aim of helping people combat the blues.

At a time when consumers are hyper aware of what companies stand for, brands oftentimes have the opportunities throughout the year to show up for their consumers in different ways. By helping them proactively manage their wellbeing, initiatives such as these help brands have a legitimate purpose, one that not only benefits the business but also society as a whole. 

Contributed by: Laurence Poichot, Insight and Strategy Director, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash