Memorial Day: Making Savings Patriotic

Memorial Day weekend is not only known for barbeques, Americana and traffic but also huge sales. Retailers of all kinds kicked into high gear this past weekend, aiming to attract shoppers looking to purchase items ranging from ketchup and mustard to kayaks and cars. But isn’t Memorial Day weekend supposed to be a patriotic holiday? Why has Memorial Day become a shopping holiday? Obviously, the deep discounts and 3-day sales encourage it. But, I actually think it is because being thrifty is (and has increasingly become) part of the American identity.

The U.S. is home to Wal-Mart, eBay, LivingSocial, and extreme couponing. Shoppers today are addicted to deals and have come to expect them. This past weekend, shoppers even got to have a bit of fun in the sun when it came to shopping sale goods. Retailers big and small moved merchandise outside and created themed sections in store to highlight their solutions for weekend and summer fun.

Though Memorial Day savings last just a few days, Americans will continue to seek savings and ways to make thrift fun. Retailers see this occurring and are getting in on the fun. Target recently mailed out “haiku-pons,” a booklet of poetry and savings designed to allow the shopper to make haikus as they clip. How will other retailers appease thrift hungry Americans post Memorial Day?