Memorial Day Kicks Off Summer of Healthier Grilling

More than two-thirds (68%) of consumers celebrate Memorial Day by lighting up the grill, according to the 24th annual Weber GrillWatch survey. As shoppers prepare for the holiday, retailers offer solutions such as featuring BBQ necessities for a day of grilling with a group. Offering end caps for shoppers convenience encourages stock up in preparation for summer holidays.

Looking forward, the Fourth of July (86%) and Labor Day (75%) are the two holidays that rank above Memorial Day for grilling. Marketers should note changes in grilling behavior; the GrillWatch survey states that 61 percent of grillers reported changing their grilling style in the past year. The number one change is more consumers are focusing on healthier grilling habits, such as grilling vegetables or opting for leaner meats and poultry. As marketers, how can we incorporate trend information to make our shopper solutions more sophisticated?

Contributed by Jillian Kyle and Molly Paskal

Photo Source: Men’s Fitness