Meet the Sharer: 1 of 4 Social Networking Personas Revealed by Study

According to research outlined in Part 3 of the CCRRC/Integer study,Untangling The Social Web, there are four social networking personas, including the Sharer that are each driven by a different motivator to engage with individuals and brands on the social web.

The Sharer is kind, helpful and sincere. Their social networking mentality and behavior stems from the desire to share relevant information with others—and the Sharer spends most of their time doing just that. But they do so with the hopes that it will genuinely help their connections and position them as the helpful resource in the minds of their friends.

Their desire to find and share information is helpful for their shopping habits as well. Sharers like to use the social web to research brands and products, hunt for bargains and share their shopping finds with others on the social web.

To learn more about the Sharer and the role of the social web in everyday life and during shopping trips, download Part 3 ofUntangling the Social Web entitled Social Networking Personas: A Look At Consumer and Shopper Mind-Sets.And remember to check out the Appendix for a more detailed profile of the Sharer.