Meet the Creator: 1 of 4 Social Networking Personas Revealed by Study

On Mother’s Day, did you show your mom some love with the traditional “HappyMother’sDay” Facebook post or did you tweet a loving haiku and customize your Facebook profile picture? If you did the latter, you might be a Creator. According to research outlined in Part 3 of the CCRRC/Integer study, Untangling The Social Web, there are four social networking personas, each driven by a different motivator to engage with individuals and brands on the social web.

The Creator’s social networking habits are motivated by self-expression. They are creative, unique, expressive, and bold. They find the social web to be not only a tremendous source of information to keep them on trend (and ahead of the curve) but also a canvas for their creative and unique points of view–even when it comes to shopping. The social web provides them with ample ways to discover new products and services. And once they experience a new purchase, they do not shy away from publicizing their own perspectives and spreading the news.

To learn more about the Creator and the role of the social web in everyday life and during shopping trips, download Part 3 of Untangling the Social Web entitled Social Networking Personas: A Look At Consumer and Shopper Mind-Sets. And remember to check out the appendix for a more detailed profile of the Creator.