Meet the Bonder: 1 of 4 Social Networking Personas Revealed by Study

Everyone is on Facebook, but is everyone doing the same things for the same reasons? Or “liking” the same brands? No.

According to research outlined in Part 3 of the CCRRC/Integer study, Untangling The Social Web, there are four social networking personas, each driven by a different motivator to engage with individuals and brands on the social web.

Meet the Bonder. Sociable and fun by nature, this person’s social networking mentality and behavior stems from the desire to connect and enhance relationships. The Bonder spends most of their time observing and absorbing content on the social web, but also wants to post and contribute content that would help cultivate relationships. Bonders are the quintessential social butterflies that are eager to get involved, be helpful and popular within their network(s).

Though personal relationships are top of mind, the Bonder values the ability to connect with brands too – which are most often food and grocery brands. The Bonder wants to create genuine connections with brands, feeling that it makes for a smarter and more efficient shopping experience (on and offline). Not only can the Bonder find perks by “friending” brands, but also uncover helpful content she can share back with her connections to help foster relationships.

To learn more about the Bonder and the role of the social web in everyday life and during shopping trips, download Part 3 of Untangling the Social Web entitled Social Networking Personas: A Look At Consumer and Shopper Mind-Sets. And remember to check out the Appendix for a more detailed profile of the Bonder.