Marvel Launches Initiative to Remind Loyal Fans They Are Appreciated

Netflix series, to box office spectacles. They have been able to connect with a wide-ranging audience through producing a good deal of quality content. This investment in quality has worked to assemble an avenging empire that will last for the foreseeable future. People love Marvel. Lots of people love Marvel. So many people love Marvel that the lines separating the true fans from the band wagoners have diffused. Comic books only just got cool again and While there are those who think their beloved company has sold out… Marvel has turned the tide.

Marvel Insider: A rewards program designed to give exclusive content to fans based on the quantity of content they consume. People want to be special. They want to be acknowledged for the work that they put into a relationship. Marvel Insider is the company’s response to those who thought themselves forgotten. A gentle pat and praise as a thank you for sticking with them for all this time.

The initiative also works for those shoppers who are on the periphery of the target, who might not watch every show or read every comic. This initiative can work in the same way that grocery store fuel rewards do. It can entice tepid consumers to be come more loyal, offering to reward those who watch more.

When a company has been given all of the money and an enormous fan base. It can be hard to let the loyal ones know that they are appreciated and that their patronage has not gone unnoticed.

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