Mark Your Calendar: Podcast Next Week on Conversational AI in Retail & E-Commerce

Technology is constantly evolving and the companies that adapt win. But where to start?

Integer’s Heidi Bailey, VP of Futures and AI, will share how Integer is creating experiences that will define the next generation of customer strategy in a discussion on: “Conversational AI in Retail & E-Commerce” on Tuesday, June 22nd at 3pm EST through Creative & Teach.  

The discussion will delve into:

  • The value of conversational AI in the retail space
  • Where the retail ecommerce industry is going and why conversational AI is a part of the future
  • What the research shows in terms of people using, wanting and responding to conversational AI
  • How the industry is and should be using conversational AI 
  • Where does voice fit into conversational AI in terms of text to speech, sonic branding, and personalization
  • Actional tips to deliver results through conversational AI

Mark your calendar and tune into the podcast.

  • It will be an audio on our podcast Creative and Tech here
  • Or livestream it here: