“Male Beauty,” A Growing Opportunity

Beauty for men is no longer a niche market thanks to aging consumers wanting to look younger and blurred gender roles turning the average man on to grooming products.

Today, the challenges for brands that want to tap into this growing opportunity are to design products specifically for men and reassure them that they aren’t just the male versions of female products, create services and store spaces with a strong emphasis on expertise, and offer ecommerce and subscription services that are convenient.

According to Mintel, 60% of men buying beauty products prefer to do so online, because they are particularly motivated by time-saving and convenience as reasons for shopping online. Amazon’s men’s grooming e-store and Birchbox offer convenient ways for men to shop for a range of grooming products.

While many are getting into the game, tomorrow, the stakes are high. Brands’ challenges will be to lead a much more personalized conversation with their male shoppers, demonstrate an understanding of the male psyche, and expand ecommerce and subscription services that include key purchase triggers such as convenience, speed, greater control over the shopping experience and access to information.

Contributed By: Sonia Ratto, Integer Denver

Photo Source:Amazon, Men’s Grooming e-store, Birchbox