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Making Digital More Physical and Physical More Digital

Friday, June 7th, 2013

The digital and physical worlds continue to collide in new ways. By taking over empty storefronts in New York with shoppable windows, eBay has created the ultimate mobile, digital, and physical mash-up. Each shoppable window focuses on a single brand and allows shoppers to make purchases that will be delivered within the hour via courier. The first Kate Spade eBay window opens this weekend, with more set to open throughout the summer.

The new shoppable windows are similar to eBay’s 2011 storefront takeovers, pictured above; however, the new shoppable windows will do away with QR codes and physical objects in the windows in favor of large, interactive touchscreens.

Convergence is creating brave new worlds for both retailers and shoppers to explore. Will shoppers flock to new mobile, digital, and physical experiences like this, or are they simply a novelty like catalog counters of years past? Is same-day delivery the key to this convergence?

Article Source:Reuters

Photo Source: PSFK

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