Local Goes To The Masses

I often find myself living in two shopping worlds. One that is entirely mass and mainstream–grocery shopping at King Soopers, hitting up Target, Nordstrom Rack and Starbucks or the occasional Friday’s in the airport. The other is more niche, local in nature–consisting of finding the best new restaurant, cool boutique, pop up flea market and more.

I feel I am not alone in this as local has evolved and spread its reach, more shoppers are spanning two shopping worlds and shopping mindsets. Having been to my fair share of crowded flea markets, 1-hour-minimum wait restaurants and high priced bars, it seems as though local is an everyday occurrence now. Has it gone to the masses.

As I popped into the mall this past weekend, I noticed a “hipster chic” area with exposed concrete, natural wood accents, twinkle lights, burlap and chalkboard signs. It goes without saying that it definitely stood out from the sea of chain stores. Getting closer I realized it was a space dedicated to local makers. The Southwest Plaza Mall had dedicated an entire space to Local / Makers for the Spring and set up an environment that reflects that shopping experience–including a mini pizza and taco stall.

Has local gotten so big it’s become part of mass? Do you think these two shopping worlds can collide as one?

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