Local Business Solutions Amid COVID-19

Australia’s iconic dairy company Brownes Dairy has revived its milkman service (The Brownes Dairy Milko) for the first time in generations to help those who don’t have access to essentials amid coronavirus. If you live in Western Australia, you can now get your fresh milk as well as yoghurt and juices, safely delivered to your door the following day. Brownes Dairy prides itself on having looked after the Western Australia community for 130 years and by reliving this piece of history they are serving their purpose to the best.

While the global COVID-19 crisis is certainly putting small businesses in danger, these are also the ones who are the most legitimate to support communities in these times of self-isolation. Similar initiatives from independent shops and businesses are thriving across the world, suddenly giving a more human face to home delivery (which have been mostly dominated by the likes of Amazon) and a more personal touch that consumers might still crave for when confinement is finally over.

Contributed By: Laurence Poichot, I&S Director, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash