Listening Is Not Only Polite, It’s Strategic

The tremendous impact the social web can have on a brand or retailer these days is amazing. The social web can make something an overnight sensation or negatively affect someone or something’s reputation in a matter of minutes. Therefore, it is important to listen.

Social listening is a critical step when it comes to building a social strategy. There are many options when it comes to social listening. But, when you break it down, there are narrow and broad listening tools. Broad listening tools help you harness long term insight while narrow tools help you keep a pulse on every tweet and post so you can respond and engage in the moment.

How to use social listening to not only determine but implement a social strategy is outlined in Part 6 of the Integer/CCRRC white paper, Untangling the Social Web. Click here to download Part 6 or visit the Other Studies tab to explore other sections of the 7 part series.