Limited Time Ice Cream Drives Demand

Some things just immediately cue summer and ice cream is most definitely one of them!But with ice cream being such a common sign of the season, how does an ice cream brand stand out? For Magnum ice cream, they married the behavioral principle of scarcity with a shopper expectation of customization and it seems to be working.

This summer, Magnum ice cream created a seasonal pop-up shop in New York’s trendy SoHo neighborhood. Taking over an empty retail space, they designed a premium environment that provided shoppers with an interactive and exciting experience while also connecting the superiority of their ice cream. Themed as “The Art of Magnum,” shoppers were able to personalize their ice cream bars by selecting the dipping chocolate, choosing their own toppings, and then drizzling more chocolate over their own personal masterpiece. They even had designed backgrounds where shoppers could artfully display their creations. The catch is that it’s here for the summer only, creating a sense of urgency for shoppers to get there before summer’s end.With a line out the door, Magnum’s pop-up shop is definitely a must-see spot.

Image Credit:Integer ShopPic