#Lifehacking: One of the Top Trends of the Past Ten

Life-hacking, a concept that denotes a kind of upbeat, engineer-like approach to maximizing one’s personal productivity. It has become ubiquitous in popular culture—part of the atmosphere, humming with buzzwords, of the Internet age.

But the bottom line…life-hacking is just one more variation on multi-tasking. Who says a product has only one use? And, who says I have to use it only as intended? The ability to create, to make and reinvent one’s self as well as one’s things is just an extension of today’s world of mass customization (another macrotrend from the past ten years).

This timely macrotrend is one of many featured in this year’s InSightings 2015 presentation. Click here to read this month’s issue of The Integer Pulse, which outlines a few examples of how life hacks are being integrated into shopper marketing.