Let the Summer Games Begin: Will Your Brand Rise to the Occasion?

If there’s an occasion or event coming down the pipeline, you can bet your bottom dollar that the onslaught of thematic advertising is soon bound to follow. Nowadays, we’ve all grown pretty accustomed to the topical communications that sprout up from marketers during these key time frames. Whether it’s for a traditional holiday (Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day) or the lesser-known yet socially revered National X Day (National Siblings Day, National Puppy Day), many brands have become experts at leveraging these moments as an opportunity to spark a conversation.

The underlying hope is that these marketing strategies create some top-of-mind awareness, an authentic connection, and that they ultimately lead to purchase. Most of the time, this can be a really effective tool. But what happens when we’re all shouting the same thing at the same time? Will the communal and authentic spirit of the Olympic Games be able to shine through? Or does it come across as nothing more than a series of carefully premeditated machinations? This year, new policies put in place by the Olympic Committee could severely curb the oversharing frenzy of brands.

As the world gets ready to celebrate the start of the Olympic Games, brands are also gearing up for the action. Steadfast contenders like Coca-Cola, P&G, and Kellogg’s are resuming their support by being official sponsors. And this year, these alliances will also give the brands exclusive access to a slew of carefully trademarked words on social media, whereas non-sponsors will pay a hefty fine for any social media activity (including tweets) posted about the Games or any of its associated trademarks. Why? Because this year the Olympic Committee is cracking down on advertisements connected to its intellectual property to protect the athletes and companies who’ve invested in the games and to reverse the trend of “over-commercialization.” Meaning, this year, it really pays to play.

Yet is a sponsorship alone enough to break through the flurry of content? Newcomer sponsor of the Olympic Games, Chobani is making quite a unique splash. Chobani’s not only a sponsor of the event; the yogurt company is also using traditional tactics to promote a strong point of differentiation: #nobadstuff. For a brand that’s cloaked itself with a health and wellness focus, the key message of “You can only be great if you’re full of goodness” supports the brand’s purpose while also inherently tying in to the powerful spirit of the Olympic Games.

(Image Source: USA Today)