Lagerfeld’s Concept Store Provides Holistic Digital Experience

March 2013 saw the Kaiser of Fashion unveil a brand new concept store in Paris that offers ready-to-wear collections for men and women, along with a selection of limited-edition accessories, design, and photography books.

The 200 square meter black and white shop cleverly mixes baroque inspired and state-of-the-art digital features, paying tribute to the off-the wall personality of the high-profile fashion designer.

Providing an interactive brand experience through digital devices, the whole store revolves around the iconic figure of the creator, epitomized by the neon lights forming Lagerfeld’s outline. Each fitting room, dubbed “Karl’s Booth,” comes equipped with a camera, allowing visitors to snap a picture of their look, apply a filter to transform the look and feel “Karl’s way,” and finally share it with friends through e-mail or social media.

The Karl’s Interactive display also invites shoppers to share their thoughts and feelings about the store in a digital guestbook, to discover the brand’s offerings via iPads, and to browse items through a giant wall of screens.

Leveraging a growing demand for convenience shopping, clothes hangers feature mini iPads to help customers explore the collection and then look for items that have run out of stock in store. And customers no longer need to stand in an endless line waiting for the checkout because each associate is empowered with a mobile device to make the payment easier.

“Change is the healthiest way to survive,” Lagerfeld once stated. This chic and revolutionary concept store happens to be the perfect incarnation of this motto, bringing together the luxury brand’s timelessness and the immediateness of social media. The main challenge is how do we harmoniously integrate the luxury industry with the digital world without falling into the trap of fast-fashion?

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Contributed by Integer Paris