Koohl Kids Break The Rules

In shopper marketing there is a short game and a long game. The short game is filled with programs that abide by convention, fulfill known shopper needs and the like. But the long game is where things get interesting. The long game is where you can rethink what shoppers need, innovate and change the game. While big innovations do not happen all the time, it can be a game changer for shopper marketers looking to win with shoppers.

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live (with the help of Benedict Cumberbatch) parodied the classic Apple commercial to launch a “new Kohler toilet.”

While the Koohl toilet might seem absurd–and absurdly hilarious–products that fulfill unknown needs is what changes shopper demand. Shoppers didn’t know they needed a Swiffer instead of a broom or a Keurig instead of a coffeemaker until they saw it in action. As a shopper marketer, sometimes you have to break the rules, take a risk and challenge convention to break through in a new way.

Watch the SNL parody below to see what the Koohl kids are talking about…

Image Source: SNL