It’s All About Context

As shoppers and consumers become increasingly overwhelmed with commercial messages, the struggle for an authentic brand connection is very real. In addition to the sheer number of marketing communications shoppers see daily, they are equally distracted by the devices at their fingertips. Whether they are checking the latest email blast from their favorite store or checking into their location on Facebook with their mobile phone, the opportunity to switch into the shopping mind-set can happen in an instant. But being contextually relevant in that instant is a tough nut to crack.

Tinder, a location-based dating app, is currently opening its doors to go beyond just dating and serve as a vehicle to allow brands and marketers to engage consumers in contextually relevant ways.

In the app, users are prompted with potential matches and are asked to swipe right (good) or swipe left (bad). If two users both swipe right, they are matched together and, thus, a connection is made.

Last fall, Tinder worked to connect an animal rescue in New York City with those looking for love on the app. Instead of being prompted by people, users were shown puppy profiles of dogs available for adoption. Once matched, users could choose to take a dog for a walk, foster it for two weeks, or permanently adopt it. By leveraging a context where consumers were already looking for someone to connect with, the animal rescue was able to evolve that connection to some four-legged friends.

More recently, Tinder partnered with Gillette in a contextually relevant research study. They talked to 100,000 college-aged guys using Tinder to see what, if any, impact came from a clean-shaven profile picture versus one featuring facial hair. Of course, guys looking for dates would be interested in maximizing their potential of a match, but they needed proof. The study found that clean-shaven faces resulted in 37% more matches than unshaven faces. Knowing a clean-shaven face opens the door to greater dating success, perhaps these guys will think of Gillette razors when they are ready for a shave.

How can Tinder help your brand connect in an authentic context?