Is Your Brand Speaking To The Right Gender?

Most CPG brands talk to Mom. Historically, Mom has been the primary grocery shopper and decision maker. However, recent economic conditions have resulted in role-shifting among many American families as men were more adversely affected than women. (In December, the male unemployment rate was 9.4%, compared to 8.1 percent for women.) And, younger couples are blending traditional gender roles and are sharing responsibilities.

A survey by Yahoo late last year found that 51% of men aged 18-64 considered themselves the primary grocery shopper in their homes. Research from the IDDBA (International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association’s What’s In Store 2011 Reports Market Trends) found that “over 30% of men today are the primary grocery shopper” compared with 15% in 1985.

Whatever the actual percentage of men who are truly the primary grocery shopper, we do know that more men are making decisions at the shelf. And, they feel they are either being ignored as in-store communications speak to their female counterparts, or they are used as comedic relief in television advertising. In the Yahoo study, only 22-24% of men believed CPG messaging was directed to them. Are we willing to lose up to half of the shoppers in the store by speaking only to women? As an industry, it may be worthwhile to take a hard look at how men shop and what influences them in-store.

-Contributed by Amanda Parks, Integer Dallas