Is “Me-Tail” The Most Valuable Concept For Brands And Retailers To Embrace In The New Year?

For any marketer, the themes of personalization, direct-to-consumer engagement, and an “always-on” approach to communications are not new ideas, but, in 2014, I predict that the concept of “Me-Tail” will be the driving force at the center of all retail and shopper-marketing decisions. Briefly, Me-Tail is a term that labels the movement of retailing from being seller-centric to shopper-centric.As the stats continue to show, generations other than just the Millennials are increasingly connected and empowered through technology to demand higher customization of products as well as more personal experiences with brands and retailers.

But retailers and brands should not feel out of control by this shift in shopper and consumer desire, and should instead embrace the opportunities that mobile tools and the tremendous amount of consumer-shared data can offer, such as promotional geo-targeting and direct engagement or feedback through social channels. Given all that, would you agree that a “Me-Tail world” can be equally beneficial for brands and retailers as it is for shoppers and consumers?

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