iPhone 6 in Hand and Ready to Grocery Shop

With all eyes on the launch of the iPhone 6 today, it’s safe to say that interest in mobile development is still going strong.

Not only are manufacturers continuing to make advancements in mobile functionality and features but businesses and shoppers are advancing the way they use mobile phones—including using them for simple chores like grocery shopping.

Today’s mobile shoppers can not only make their list on their mobile phone but also buy their groceries.

Instacartis one of several companies that use the power of mobile to make every grocery shopper’s dream comes true—the dream of having your own personal grocery shopper and delivery service.

Through the Instacart app you can request items that a “personal shopper” will hand pick from select stores and deliver.The company recently expanded its offerings beyond Costco and Kroger and teamed up with Whole Foods.It even has Instacart personal shoppers embedded in the stores to make delivery times faster—a key differentiator for shoppers looking to ease the grocery shopping process.

While Instacart is only active in select cities, it will be interesting to see how it resonates with mobile shoppers and shoppers in general. Will shoppers trust an app to select their produce the way they trust their iPhone to manage their schedule? We’ll have to wait and see.

Photo Source: Kantar US Insights, Tracking Tweets on iPhone 6