Introducing The Checkout India

We are pleased to present The Checkout International: Indian Shoppers, in support of Integer India, the newest addition to the Integer network. This study, conducted by The Integer Group India and Ipsos Marketing, India, is a shopper study designed to understand motivations and attitudes, rituals, and other factors that influence this fascinating retail economy.

  • Indian shoppers place quality of goods highest of all values, more important than price (a close second), shopping experience, and saving time.
  • Even as India advances quickly as a technology market, Western innovations like credit-card purchasing, retailer loyalty programs, and online shopping tend to lag behind more developed markets.
  • Shoppers in India’s largest cities (Urban A) tend to set aside a shopping budget; those living in second-tier cities (Urban B) are more likely to use a written shopping list.
  • The predominant shopping style in Rural India, where refrigeration and personal transportation are less common, is to make regular trips to small, local vendors.

Please click here to download The Checkout International: Indian Shoppers.