Instant Feedback

On a recent trip to Key West, my husband and I ate at a lovely, restaurant called Bagatelle.When we got the bill, my husband pointed out the scale at the bottom of the receipt where customers are asked to “rate your service today.”

Being in shopper marketing, I immediately found this intriguing and thought it was a simple, clever way for the restaurant to get instant feedback. After we left, my mind went to thinking about what they do with the information. Do they compare the amount of the tip to the rate they receive? Do they have other questions like “rate your meal today” or “rate our décor today”? And could there be other Post-Tail™ tactics that could be executed in the same fashion to build a rapport with the shopper? Interesting thoughts. If you have observed a similar tactic or message, let us know about it. And if you are a merchant, I’d love to hear about how you use this information.