Inspiring Warmth In The Cold

Even though much of the country has experienced a day or two of unseasonably warm temperatures lately, many are still caught in the cold winds of winter. We know spring is coming but it’s still a little out of reach. Yet, I find myself feeling spring fever in full swing. And I’m not the only one. According to Google Trends, searches for “swim suit” pick up again in February and March as shoppers begin to wistfully think ahead.

Based on recent communications finding their way to my inbox, this shopper behavior appears to be something brands and retailers are well aware of and are prepared to take advantage of. By reminding me that getaways to warm places are in the near future, they are amplifying spring fever as they release their spring and summer fashion lines.

When you see snow and clouds outside, but sunshine and sand on your screen, it’s nearly impossible for shoppers to resist going down an inspirational journey to warmer waters, which leads a full basket of inspiration…er, a basket of impulsively purchased items for the perfect beach getaway.

Image Source: Huckberry