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Insightings15: A Decade of Trendwatching

Wednesday, January 21st, 2015

For the past ten years, Integer has looked at, and shared, over sixty macrotrends in its annual InSightings presentations. And, since we feel confident that the macrotrends from yesterday are still driving shopper, retailer and brand behavior today, we thought we’d review the TOP TEN FROM THE PAST TEN in our presentation to see if our mission statement when we began this journey has held true:

“A macrotrend is bigger than a fad—it’s a cultural movement integrated into lifestyles over at least a decade affecting how your business connects with your shopping audience, how you sell and how you behave as a brand.”

Schedule an InSightings presentation for your company to find out more about macrotrends from 2005 to 2015—it will challenge you to think bigger, broader and bolder no matter what brand, product or service you sell.


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