In the Mobile Payment War, Will the Shopper Win?

The battle buzz is burgeoning on the mobile payment front. Some are calling it Apple Pay versus Walmart. The race to be the established mobile payment frontrunner is on among retailers, credit card companies, merchants and brands.

Photo Source: StarTribune

But what about shoppers? Where do they fit into the fight? First of all, although it seems like people use their smartphones for everything these days, many of them don’t want to use them to make payments. According to a study by Avangate, 48% of consumers surveyed said

they have not used their smartphone to make a purchase.

The real question is will brands and retailers use mobile payment as an opportunity to develop a stronger, more personal relationship with shoppers? The brands that see mobile payment simply as a convenience for shoppers may win a battle or two. But the companies that take mobile payment to the level of interacting with and servicing their customers may win the war of shoppers’ purchasing decisions.