In China, The Experience Lover Spends 10% More per Trip

The Experience Lover is the only segment of Chinese shoppers that spends more than the overall average. The Experience Lover is the most valuable Chinese shopper segment at RMB 12.5 Billion a year. She spends more time and more money per trip than any other segment, and that’s because shopping is her hobby – and she loves it. It’s both a way of relieving stress and getting her fill of fun for the day.

She loves promotions, and she’s 14% more likely to stray from her original purchase to another brand that offers a promotion than the other archetypes.

Sensorial effects that combine everything, sight, smell, sound, taste, and feel, provide the key to gaining her patronage, as just under 50% of her purchases are impulse buys. To get to know the Experience Lover, download the study, Checkout China, here.

Contributed by: IntegerShanghai