In China, Experiential Customers Become the Majority Over Rational Customers

The two experiential shopper archetypes now collectively constitute 54% of China’s Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) category. A vital reason for the failure of many brands to engage shoppers comes from this disrupting new shift from rational to experiential.

Traditionally, Chinese shoppers have exhibited rational thought processes and behavior when it comes to spending their money. However, with increasing disposable income, shoppers require more than just the excitement and functionality of the products they buy. They also want their shopping experience to be entertaining and fulfilling.

This rise in the experiential Chinese shopper is driven by growth of the Experience Lover (27%) and Precision Planner (27%) archetypes and the decline of the Time Saver (25%) and Strategic Spender (21%) archetypes. Discover the insights about these four Chinese shopper archetypes by downloading the study, Checkout China, here.