I’m a Schizophrenic Holiday Shopper

When it comes to the holidays, the marketer in me sees several distinct types of shoppers, including list-making pre-planners, die-hard Black Friday shoppers, online-only shoppers, impulsive mall-rats, and last minute scramblers. But I do not think I fall neatly in to any one of these buckets. And it makes me wonder how many shoppers are like me when it comes to shopping for the holidays.

I buy gifts in store and online. I find ways to splurge and save. I meticulously comb the Web to find the item I need at the closest location. But then I go to in store to “brainstorm” gift ideas. I feel like I am schizophrenic at times. But, in actuality, it is just the nature of being a Millennial.

According to the holiday issue of The Checkout, those under 35 are more likely than those over 35 to plan and shop online. Twenty-six percent of those 18–34 years old get ideas from search engines compared to only 13 percent of those over 50. But, younger shoppers are not solely digital shoppers. Sixty-eight percent do most of their holiday shopping in stores and mass retailers are a common destination for shoppers young and old.

So, I am not the only one who’s a bit schizophrenic when it comes to holiday shopping. Many of us bounce between the digital and physical worlds. What is unique about your style of holiday shopping?