Ikea – 1 to 1 with Shoppers

Here is an interesting in-store device that comes via Unplugged. Spotted at Ikea in Seattle was this Mobile Kiosk where you register to recieve product info. and coupons.

We all know that non of us can live without our cell phone anymore and it’s role continually changes. No longer just a means to call home now it’s your weather reporter/news aggregator/social networker/information hound.

With Ikea it can be a tool to know when the newest products are available in-store, and a mechanism to deliver digital coupons so you can save cash.

What is also interesting about this technology and the use Ikea is making of it is that it delivers a relevant brand-to-individual consumer (1-to-1) communication – ‘Since you bought a couch last month, how about this coffee table to go with it?’ – rather than a brand-to-masses communication – the usual ‘Hi everyone, here’s all of our stuff’. So it becomes a great brand use of data and the deigital medium in the retail space. But is it cool, or will it be annoying to get these texts about a new sofa once a week?

– Contributed by Brian Crawford