If the Shopper Will Not Go to the Store, the Store Must Come to the Shopper

We all about know food trucks. Most of us have heard of grocery delivery trucks. But that is only the beginning. Imagine if a truck delivered…pretty much anything to your block!

Feiyue is a French shoe company that is expanding globally. As a part of its expansion efforts in South Africa, Feiyue is taking its shoes to the streets of Johannesburg. Not only does the attractive appearance of the truck take you away and lure you into the store where you make an impulse purchase of a nice pair of shoes, but you can also schedule the truck to show up at your address, at home, at the park, or on campus!

(Photos courtesy of https://www.facebook.com/feiyue.southafrica)

This trend goes beyond food, shoes, and goods in general. For example, there are beer canning trucks that will bring the canning equipment for your home-brewed beer. Others offer professional grade car-repair tools and equipment. The list goes on. Do you think the mobility, on-demand capacity, and flexibility paired together with the authentic and personal touch of the trucks will soon outpace online and big-box retailing?