If 10 Seconds Isn’t Enough…

It is often said that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat have all left their mark on how shoppers integrate photos into their lifestyles. Brands are capitalizing on this sharing obsession, and, even on Snapchat where photos are seen for a maximum of 10 seconds, they are seeing successful engagement with their audiences.

Taco Bell was the first major brand to leverage Snapchat as a point of communication with its target audience. In May 2013, they used the platform as a way to tease customers about the return of the infamous Beefy Crunch Burrito. Fans who added Taco Bell to their Snapchat accounts  received an exclusive sneak peek snap of the product.

But what if you don’t have insane fandom surrounding your product and just want to build engagement and drive sales? The 16 Handles frozen yogurt chain in New York City did just that before Taco Bell brought mainstream success into the picture. In January 2013, 16 Handles asked its Facebook fans to send out a Snapchat of their yogurt to the 16 Handles Snapchat account. Customers who participated were rewarded by a Snapchat response from the brand offering instantly redeemable coupons. However, since Snapchat only allows images to be seen for a limited time period, fans were not able to see their coupon value until they were at the register. The surprise was part of the fun.

Snapchat has recently rolled out a new feature: Snapchat Stories. This creates a video of selected snaps taken by users and allows for 24-hour viewing (as opposed to just 10 seconds). This feature opens the door for more brand engagement and promotions. What kind of content would you want your favorite brand to share with you via Snapchat Stories?

Photo Source: Digital Trends