Ideation Nation

In our corner of the world, ideas are our sustenance. Here are three trends that have nourished our thinking and creativity this year and will continue to be relevant in 2011. We hope it’s a gift that keeps giving throughout your New Year.


Google has made a really smart move in advancing usage of QR codes from a branding and selling perspective by sending out window decals to the top 100,000 most Google-searched local businesses in the U.S. Why is this so smart and such a big idea? Because it actively connects the power of Google’s search online to the offline world in real time. Plus, with Google’s recent $5.3 billion bid for the local coupon site, Groupon, the company is going to be even more focused on local businesses and their paid search offerings.Where could a smart code be a smart move for your business? And what would you feature — more information, a game, an incentive, or even a live body to talk to? Whatever you decide, it’ll be a move toward connecting to your target audience at the point of decision. And that’s always a smart idea.


Online and mobile coupons are all the rage with the growing tech-savvy population. Digital couponing not only provides instant gratification, but is becoming even more accessible, secure, interactive, dynamic and intelligent. As companies receive detailed data about their redeemers, this allows them to customize future offers that are more appealing to that shopper and more monetarily efficient for that brand, making it a win-win for all.Want to put some couponing into your marketing plans? Ideate on ways to make coupons instantly cool by making them more instantaneous. This is a great way to shorten the time between seeing and buying as well as to give consumers — more on-the-go than ever — a reason to go in-store … and BUY!

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