Humor Sells

In true Saturday Night Live style, the season premier featured a comical ad about Levi’s “new” Woke jean line, that brings to light just how funny advertising can be. But humor doesn’t just sell ratings, it can sell products too.

With so much happening in the world around us and so many buzzwords getting the limelight it’s no surprise that we are seeing more novel products pop up like the following:

The Dadbag: A man Bod inspired fanny pack that is intended to look like a hairy belly.

Adidas Muchen Oktoberfest Sneakers: these new sneakers feature a special DPBR (durable puke and beer repellent) coating to protect your shoes during the beer festival.

Tostitos Lucky Bags: Frito Lays’ latest promotion that pokes fun at football fan superstitions and provides a lucky remedy with their limited edition bags.

And we can’t forget about the latest from Kraft, or Yoplait. All these ads not only put a smile on your face, but stand out in culture (and might drive recall in store). While life can seem serious at times, it’s important to remember to take time to laugh and enjoy life. In the end, if you apply that mentality to marketing, it might actually help your sales.

Image Source: SNL