How Will You Thank Mom?

Friends and family are not the only ones finding ways to send that special thank you to Mom. Brands have been voicing their appreciation through creative, heartfelt ways as well. But with more brands celebrating the occasion, make sure that your thank you is uniquely special.

This year, American Greetings and the Cardstore staged pseudo interviews for the #worldstoughestjob. Candidates were shocked at the grueling hours, minimal breaks, physical demands, and even no pay needed for the Director of Operations position. However, candidates were surprisedto find out billions of people already hold this position around the world: Moms.

With over 18 million watching the interviews shown on Youtube, American Greetings and the Cardstore struck the visceral appreciation we hold for Mom in a unique way. Their campaign begs the question of not whether your brand is thanking Mom this season, but whether your brand is doing something uniquely special for her.