How To Optimize Direct-To-Consumer Shopping with UX Research

Many of us were shocked (though maybe not surprised), to see big box retailers such as Best Buy, Sam’s Club, and Gap closing hundreds of brick-and-mortar locations across the country over the past few years.

However, few of us were left wondering where to shop as a result of these closures. The fall of these and other behemoth retailers has left room for thousands of figurative doors to open for eCommerce-driven, Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) brands.

Still, with thousands of these new doors and stores opening, it’s important for DTC brands to ensure consumers are getting the best, most fluid website experience. After all, the average digital cart is likely to be abandoned by nearly 7 out of 10 users

In our latest digital white paper, we explore how to use quantitative and qualitative user-experience research to better understand the intentions and behaviors of online shoppers as well as suggestions to improve how shoppers experience your brand online. Download our latest white paper to learn four key research techniques to help optimize your DTC site.

Contributed by: Dillon Propp, UX Strategist, Integer DenverImage

Source: Pexels