How Heightened Health and Wellness Is Impacting Shopper Culture

In the U.S., healthy living is top of mind and changing not only how people live but also how they shop. Interested in learning more about how healthy living trend is affecting shoppers as well as how manufacturers and retailers are tackling this issue? Tune into the upcoming BAA webinar, Shopping Perspectives on Health and Wellness on July 8th at 2pm EST. The webinar will be hosted by Integer’s own Jess Garretson, who will share a number of different perspectives including:

  • What are shoppers increasingly looking for out of brands and retailers when it comes to Health and Wellness?
  • From working with brands looking to address this issue, what are they looking to achieve for their audiences?
  • How are retail environments responding to these changes?
  • Where do we see Health and Wellness going next?

Download The Checkout’s Healthcare and Pharmacy Edition.