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How Fast is Fast Enough: Online Shoppers Expect Delivery Now

Monday, February 1st, 2016

Instant gratification has become the consumer expectation, but up until now shoppers have cut shipping some slack. Historically, shoppers exercised patience waiting for their deliveries. Now, that’s all changing. According to a new study by Temando, online retailers aren’t meeting the needs of online shoppers when it comes to shipping. 80% of shoppers want retailers to a same-day shipping option, yet only 53% of online retailers do. In fact, 61% of shoppers want their packages even faster within 1-3 hours of placing the order, however, merely 23% of online retailers offer that as an option. Temando CEO and co-founder Carl Hartmann says the study exposes a glaring problem. He shared, “consumer expectations are increasing. Retailers aren’t offering a full gamut of services that consumers are expecting.”

This is no surprise to us at The Integer Group. We uncovered, in a recent Checkout study, that mobile shoppers are often making quick, impulsive purchases online. 15% of mobile shoppers said that typically only a “couple of minutes” passed between discovering a product and purchasing that product. Males were more likely than females (17% and 13%, respectively) to make these quick-turn purchases. It follows then, if they are making the purchase rapidly, they’d expect the product in their hand just as fast.

How are online retailers and mobile app e-commerce services going to meet the increasing demands of shoppers? How soon will instant delivery become the standard expectation?

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