Hotline Bling

Premium NYC streetwear brand Fall Risk is shaking up the digital commerce space and exciting shoppers with their latest launch. It pushed back against the anonymity and lack of exclusivity typical of eCommerce with a limited-edition drop. Not only were only 50 pieces available to purchase but they had to be ordered by calling a hotline number, a nostalgic throwback to mail-order catalogues of the pre-internet age. In the end, the collection sold out in a day, a testament to consumer appetite for scarcity and nostalgic novelty.

Scarcity, novelty and nostalgia have all become buzz-words at retail, as shoppers continue to crave individuality, authenticity and ‘IRL’ connection. But tapping into this sensibility online is presenting an intriguing opportunity for fashion retail to re-engage shoppers.

Innovative companies, such as Unmade, are already leaning into shopper demand for individuality and taking the on-demand model a step further, with a made-to-order platform that cleverly combines bespoke exclusivity and co-creation with a sustainable mindset and mission. As both mass market and luxury brands such as H&M and Burberry come under fire for burning unsold goods, an on-demand supply chain model may well be the change the fashion industry needs to survive and meet shopper’s needs.

Contributed By: Marta Formenton, Account Manager, Integer London

Image Source: Unsplash